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Title Donor Agency Primary Sector Actual Commitments (Millions USD) Actual Disbursements (Millions USD)
details Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) European Commission MULTI SECTOR 11.6 8.38
details Women Empowerment (FA 038983) European Commission SOCIAL GOVERNANCE 1.18 0.24
details Women and Child Rights (FA 037625) European Commission SOCIAL GOVERNANCE 1.33 1.33
details WHO Programme Support & Policies & Systems World Health Organisation HEALTH 0 1.58
details WHO - Government of The Gambia Plan of Action for Biennial Programme Budget 2012-13 (WHO PB 2012-2013) World Health Organisation HEALTH 3.53 10.07
details Vulnerability identification and targerted urban food for education support European Commission EDUCATION 3.63 3.63
details Trans Gambia Corridor Project African Development Bank TRANSPORT 0 41.8
details Third Education Sector Project Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa 0 0
details Technical Cooperation Facility (TCF) - FA 040927 European Commission ECONOMIC GOVERNANCE 0 0
details Technical Cooperation Facility - (FA 020961) European Commission ECONOMIC GOVERNANCE 7.09 4.58