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Most Active Development Partners by Project in the last two years

Actual Start DateDonor AgencyNational Sector ClassificationProject TitleActual Commitments (USD)Actual Disbursements (USD)
09/12/2017FAOAGRICULTURETCPF: Surveillance and Rapid Intervention for the Management of Fall Armyworm in The Gambia (TCP/GAM/3604/C2)86 0250
01/01/2016European CommissionHEALTHBuilding Resilience through Social Transfers for Nutrition Security in The Gambia (BReST) - (FA 037980)02 757 488.84
01/01/2016European CommissionMULTI SECTORYouth Empowerment Project (YEP)08 378 300
01/01/2017European CommissionSOCIALMigration Project - IoM02 154 420
08/02/2017European CommissionMULTI SECTORAgric Economic Growth, Food Security/Nutrition to Mitigate Migration Flows (FA 039306)05 700 415.78
09/01/2016FAOAGRICULTURESupport to enhancing the capacity of youth and women for employment in aquaculture (TCP/GAM/3603)0261 992
06/01/2016FAOENVIRONMENTCommunity-based Sustainable Dryland Forest Management (FSP) - (GCP /GAM/031/GFF)0403 689
12/31/2016FAOENVIRONMENTAdapting Agriculture to Climate Change in The Gambia (FSP) - (GCP /GAM/033/LDF)0666 425
08/01/2017FAOAGRICULTURERural Women`s Empowerment in Agriculture Programme (RWEAP) - (GCP /RAF/504/MUL)0764 797
06/01/2013FAOAGRICULTURECapacity Development in the Global Agriculture and Food Security Programme (UTF /GAM/029/GAM)01 134 054
Catholic Relief ServicesMULTI SECTORCRS Discretionery Funds - Catholic Relief Services0331 578.8
09/09/2014UnitaidHEALTHAccess SMC-UNITAID094 836.25
Global FundHEALTHCRS - Global Fund HIV/AIDS - (GAB-809-G06 )042 689.61
12/01/2015Global FundHEALTHNAS - HIV/AIDS NFM (GMB-H-NAS)0695 263
01/01/2010Global FundHEALTHNMCP - Malaria (GM-M-MOH)01 210 561

Top Donors by Disbursement in the last year

Donor AgencyActual Disbursements (USD)
Global Fund2 906 966.61
Catholic Relief Services331 578.8
Unitaid94 836.25